About The Site

About The Site


nucl.ai helps you apply Artificial Intelligence techniques into your applications, with a particular focus on Creative Industries such as games, visual effects, simulation, training, interactive toys, assistants, etc. The nucl.ai Conference takes place each year in Vienna/Austria, and we provide online courses on a regular basis too.

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The AiGameDev.com KG is the parent company of a network of several websites dedicated to the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Among others the network hosts nucl.ai, AiGameDev.com, GameAiConf.com, and AiSandbox.com.

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The voxel-based 3D renderings are CC-NC-SA by Iñigo Quílez and Alex Champandard, based on an original ShaderToy called “Voxel Edges” by iquilezles [view] and further updated by alexjc [view] who also took all screenshots and videos. The images are used under license and with permission.


Tracks used at live events, on broadcasts and in recordings are CC-BY ZeroPage [site, twitter]. The music is used under Creative Commons (during streams) and with a commercial license (for recordings).